This page will give you a further insight into who I am, and some of the dreams that I have.

A b o u t  M e


If you hadn't already noticed, my name is Chloe.

I'm an outdoorsy, creative, prophetic 26 year old that would rather have a daisy chain than diamonds. I love spending my spare time walking and exploring new places, making and eating good homemade food, reading and writing poetry, and watching movies.


After living in Uganda for 3 months I felt God call me to study with The Worship Central Academy in Cheltenham. Once graduated, and while working as a Nanny, I volunteered for The Worship Foundation, and became a part-time employee.

As part of this family I offer some of my time in the form of hosting events, administration

and singing in the worship team. I also get the great privilege of spending the rest of my time listening to God for churches, communities, and individuals, sharing prophetic insights and offering times of intercessory prayer, and teaching on things like

'Listening to God', 'Singing in the spirit', and 'Ministry time'. 


The Call

I believe God is calling me into a prophetic, creative, healing ministry. He often gives me pictures of a community that offers a safe space for broken, weary people (aren't we all) 

to retreat, heal, learn, and grow. 


Currently, this materialises as 'listening sessions'. Usually, my listening sessions involve spending an hour of my time in a public space like a cafe or park, listening to vulnerable adults, mostly with mental health illnesses. It also is represented in my role in the Worship Foundation with Neil Bennetts. I am given ample opportunity to teach, share insight, and listen for others, be that on an individual or corporate scale.  


If you are at all interested in supporting my current and/or future ministry, prayerfully, financially or otherwise, please do go on over to my contact page to find out the best ways to get involved!