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A series of images and journal like entries, will keep you up to date with my current ministry, learning, and testimonies. 

  • Chloe Anderson

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

Hello all!

I'm starting brave with a little announcement...

After volunteering with The Worship Foundation for about a year, (roughly a day a week, alongside any paid work I have had with them), I have accepted a Part time salaried position! This will work perfectly alongside one of my nannying jobs, and releases me from the others. My role will continue to involve administration, hosting events, and singing in the worship teams, but will primarily focus on getting the great privilege of listening to God for churches, communities, and individuals, sharing prophetic insights and offering times of intercessory prayer.

I would really appreciate your prayers in this time, as both my home and work life are in transition at the moment. I am so grateful for prayers and support.

If God is for me, what could stand against?!

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